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Pablo Matute

Pablo Fransisco Matute, b.1999. Graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2023. Pablo is a visual artist whose work has been displayed throughout South Florida, including in galleries such as Greenspace, Pinecrest Gardens, and The Laundromat Art Space. Participating in local residencies that include Rainbow Oasis in Allapattah and The Storefront at the Fort Lauderdale Library. Pablo was recently awarded the Artist Innovation Grant by the Broward Cultural Division, a grant that provides support for artists in community-engaging projects.



STATEMENT- Pablo Francisco Matute (b.1999) is a visual artist based in South Florida. His practice revolves around recontextualizing materials and memories from his surroundings to create works that reflect the tropical environment and multicultural community of Caribbean and South American culture present in South Florida. As a Latino-American, Matute uses his work as a way of responding to his dual culture based on personal experiences, embracing both aspects of his identity and showing a dichotomous relationship that many second-generation people share through the images and references made in his work. Inspired by his community, Pablo works with natural materials that bridge multiple regions that makeup South Florida, marrying his interest in traditional drawing with found materials.

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