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2023 Open Call

Top rated proposals


1. "Number 2" — 12

2. "We Keep Records On You" — 7

2. "Insert Here" — 7

4. "Shutt(Her)" — 6

4. "Colony" — 6

6. "Dossier: Three Powers" — 5

7. "Left Without The Means To Leave" — 4

7. "Yield" — 4

9. "Look At Me With Your Eyes Closed" — 3

10. "Matter" — 1

10. "Miami Time - A Love Letter To The 305" — 1

Selection Committee

Round 1

Ronald Sánchez - (Curator + Co-founder/Director Laundromat Art Space)

Final Round

Jennifer Printz - (Visual Artist + FIU MFA Graduate Program Director)

Leah Sandler - (Interdisciplinary Artist + Educator + 2022 LAS Open Call Winner)

Paul Shortt - (Visual Artist + Educator + 2021 LAS Open Call Winner)

Denise Treizman - (Visual Artist + Laundromat Art Space Resident)


Number 2
Alberto Checa & Diego Gabaldon
Curated by Jean Chung

Miami based artists Alberto Checa and Diego Gabaldon’s syncretic approaches to production as performance is referenced in their perennial motifs of systems, structure and labor, underlined by their unique material compositions that question the changing authority in process over product in their respective practices. Number 2 walks the line of embracing yet destabilizing the intuitive relationships present in systems, dissolving
the pre-existing expectation of function and hierarchy while constantly reimagining both interpersonal and contextual relationships.
Both Checa and Gabaldon present a careful array of photographs, drawings and objects that refuse the status of substitution for experience but instead act as reference, anno-
tating both what has past and a proposal for what is to come. It is evidence of labor-intensive processes without celebrity or deity to show for it, that instead acknowledges the engagement with diverse participants – from performers and workers,
friends and family, to individuals encountering the work –
subverting and destabilizing the expectation of creative authorship.


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