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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a solo exhibition?

No, this open call is intended for a two or three person exhibition.

Can I apply as a collaboration or artist collective?

Yes, Application must be completed under one name. In the body of the proposal, please state the nature of the exhibition, and include CVs for all collaborators.

​I'm a curator, can I apply?

Yes, you can submit a proposal with two or three artists. Given that the curator's own work is not

included in the exhibition.

Can a group of two or three artists propose an exhibition without an external curator?

Yes, LAS can provide curatorial guidance once your proposal is accepted.

I made a mistake with my application, but I already submitted it. Can I edit the proposal?

Sorry, no. All applications are final. Please carefully review your proposal before submitting. Incomplete or duplicate applications will be disqualified.

Does LAS provide installation support?

Yes, we will provide assistance as needed.

Does LAS provide tools and hardware?

Laundromat has an array of tools and hardware on-site available for installation. However if there is

specific hardware needed, the exhibiting artist is responsible.

Can I paint the gallery walls a different color?

Yes, the exhibiting artist would be responsible for purchasing the specific paint color and also

the original white paint to repaint the gallery walls after the exhibition is over.

How high is the ceiling? Can I hang artwork from the ceiling?

The ceiling is 13ft high. Hanging works from the ceiling is subject to approval.

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