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10x10, A pop-up exhibition space

10x10 is an outdoor cubic exhibition space fabricated out of a 10ft shipping container. The project encourages artists to explore and transform the space for experimentation, focusing on light, sound and color, as well as site-specific installations. 10x10 is located outside of Laundromat Art Space facing south on NE 2nd avenue allowing passersby to view works.

LAS will invite guest artists to create exhibitions that will be viewable for 2-3 weeks.

The container is produced by CEPODS™

Round 2

Stefan Krische
Timing of a Memory

February 16 —February 27

Site-specific installation featuring an interactive projection.

Round 1

Gianna D
Taped Off

January 15 —February 6

“Taped-Off” is a site-specific installation focusing on the importance of physical space. With outrageous prices for real estate, many are left taking advantage of every square inch possible. Physical space is a precious commodity. The animalistic quest and conquer of available space is expressed by the artist’s meticulous, yet haphazard application of the blue painters tape. With the blue tape — a tool used for temporary purposes—the artist expresses hope that one day this will change. 

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