Luna Palazzolo

Luna Palazzolo is a multidisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they remained until relocating to Miami in 2012 at the age of 20.

In addition to their contributions to the local art community,  they have been invited to show works in Buenos Aires, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and United States.

Their work could be described as a product of their relationship to their immediate surroundings. Iconoclastic often deals in themes of resistance, empowerment, and a deeply held cynicism about our emerging technocracy.


The foundation of my work is based on memories of my childhood and its effects on my adulthood. My artistic practice, in all its disciplines, is a reflection and a product, as well as simultaneously an analysis and subsequently a protest of the acceptance parameters that humanity creates for itself, catapulted in recent decades by the massive consumption of superfluous media and technologies.

Satirical and ironic, my work parodies eccentricities and celebrates, in the spirit of not taking me or her so seriously, the exaggerations and the cobblestones that we pseudo-voluntarily cross to reach such an absurd and disproportionate reference as beauty is.

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